The Light Prism - Photo Gallery | Assignment Pricing, Weddings, and Portraits


Assignment Pricing, Weddings, & Portraits


A.      Weddings:                    $3,925.00

1.       Contract Fee                      $   675.00  (non-refundable)

2.      Wedding Shoot                    $1,600.00  (payable two weeks before wedding

3.      Wedding Photos DVD           $1,650.00  (Due on Delivery)

NOTE:  Includes:  The Wedding, The Rehearsal Dinner, and One more venue (engagement, girls night out, family/friends shower, couple's favorite local place).


B.     Portraits:                       $1,500.00

1.      Sitting Fee                        $   450.00  (non-refundable)

2.      DVD                                  $1,050.00

NOTE:  Two (2) sittings, three (3) outfit changes at each sitting, one (1) re-shoot if necessary.


C.     Photography Assignments (Priced Individually, Case-by-Case) could include the following:


1.      Transportation Expenses:

          i.      Car Mileage

         ii.      Rental Car

        iii.      Taxi, Metro, Subway

       iv.      Parking (short and long term

       v.      Airplane, Train, Ship


2.      Hotel & Subsistence

        i.      Hotel – Hilton or Marriott Chain Family Category

       ii.      Meals and Incidentals or per diem by location


3.      Set-Up & Staging

          i.      Permits for Access

         ii.       Location Use Licenses

        iii.      Studio Rental 

        iv.      Design and Carpentry (Construction)


4.      Photographers & Staff:

        i.      Assistant Photographers

       ii.      Stage Assistants

      iii.      Models

     iv.      Make-Up

     v.      Wardrobe